Compass Rose 20" Workshop Item

Compass Rose 20" Workshop Item

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 Create a beautiful compass rose in a weathered wrought iron, faux verdigris or rusty effect using just Saltwash and paint. This would make a great project workshop item and is just the right size to complete in about a two hour workshop or in an afternoon as a great weekend project for yourself. Each Compass Rose is perfect for a workshop, craft project, rainy day or kids craft idea. 

With a little paint and some Saltwash & you'll have a compass rose that looks to have weathered many storms.

Bonus; Not sure  where to start to create a faux Verdigris, weathered wrought iron or faux rusty effect?!?... Order one of our Saltwash Idea Lookbooks for tips and steps on creating these looks!

Each Compass Rose is made of new high quality cabinet grade MDF. Each comes unfinished as seen and is designed to hold Saltwash and paint well, and are easy to work with.

* Size of each compass rose is 2" x 1/4"